Activities We Offer You

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Leopard Safari

Doing safari is always a great experience and you cannot expect anything better when you are in this region. Here you get to watch these amazing creatures closely and you find them in a different environment altogether. In the rest of the forest reserves in India, you get to see dense forests where searching for the big cat is very difficult.

Birds and Crocodile Watching

Jawai is known to be the winter-paradise for birds, here, you can more than 100 species of birds. The most popular ones among the ornithologists are Northern shoveller, pied avocet, tufted duck, Kentish plover, Brahminy duck. There are many other varieties of birds that you get to in this particular season, it becomes a heaven for every bird-watcher who wants to see more and keeps on exploring different birds in various regions.

Off-Roading Jawai Hills

jawai is also famous for off-roading in Rajasthan that’s one more reason to visit jawai, off-roading in customized vehicles, and with professional drivers on mountains and lava, hills are itself a thrilling experience. For many people, an uneven, sloppy, rough street would be a driving bad dream. Yet, for a few, the more unpleasant the street the better.

Jawai Dam Visit

The dam structure is the perfect vantage point from where you can take some exquisite photos of the entire region. It is a place where you can see the splendid beauty of the hills and the river. No matter which season it is, this structure allows you to capture the grandeur of Jawai. It brings you closer to the land and helps you appreciate the true attributes of this place.

High Tea in Jawai Hills

Appreciate the evening tea in Jawai while glaring at the excellence of this area. With Thour Nature Resort, live this experience and participate in a truly amazing experience. Sipping tea on the pinnacle of a slope or by a wonderful waterway; respecting the untamed life and the sounds that nature gives, is energizing in itself.