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Get closer to wonders of the natural world

JAWAI’s leopards are a great attraction across the region.. we recommend an early start for your morning game drive, certainly before the sun is up. A team of dedicated and knowledgeable trackers will take you out in customized jeeps (Open 4 Wheel Drive Jeep- -6 Seater) to find them, and you are also likely to spot sloth bears, antelope and Indian wolf also the Jawai Bandh (Dam) , Other attraction of wild lovers and bird watchers of migratory birds including flamingos, geese and demoiselle cranes, whose dancing courtship rituals between November and February are reason enough to come. A qualified naturalist accompanies you on every trip to help you interpret the exotic flora and fauna of the region. Our trackers are from families who have known the jungle and its animals for generations.

Ideal time to observe Wildlife and Photography There is no restriction for viewing wildlife in any time of the year. But during summer, the weather is hot so the sightings too reduce, as leopards prefer staying hidden in their shelter and come out from cave at early morning or in evening at the approx.time of sunset when evening is quite pleasant from sunny heat . During the months of September ,October, November , January ,February, March and up to April mid. weather is quite pleasant and one can see leopards for long duration without any difficulty. The months of December are quite cold but one can not only see the elusive cat, but also enjoy migratory birds in the waters of Jawai dam.