Types of Animals Found in Jawai

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted

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Get closer to wonders of the natural world

JAWAI’s leopards are a great attraction across the region.. we recommend an early start for your morning game drive, certainly before the sun is up. A team of dedicated and knowledgeable trackers will take you out in customized jeeps (Open 4 Wheel Drive Jeep- -6 Seater) to find them, and you are also likely to spot sloth bears, antelope and Indian wolf also the Jawai Bandh (Dam) , Other attraction of wild lovers and bird watchers of migratory birds

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Explore Jawai Leopard Safari

The JAWAI experience offers some the most exciting, bona fide and one-of-a-kind ways of experiencing the wild also, natural life and drench in the neighborhood culture of the district.

Wildlife Photography Tours

Jawai area is habitat for thousands of flora and fauna along with marine life. Jawai is a semi arid region with grassland, dam which act a oasis and mountains.

Local Village Tour

Jawai is a land of antiquity, wellness, adventure and mystery. This region is slowly becoming an experiential medium to experience the wilderness in the lap of nature.

Adventure Ride

A safari is an adventurous activity that involves many thrilling moments. It is much more than just seeing wild animals, provided, you choose the right place to visit In India.

Why Choose Jawai Leopard Safari

Furthermore, in any event, when you talk about natural life in Rajasthan, there are only a couple of names that you will hear and the most predominant of them is Ranthambore. You have a long list of motivations to visit to place these spots on need in your rundown, however assuming you truly are into investigating, then, at that point, you would most likely search for places that are by and large not discussed.


Activities We Offer You

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted

Leopard Safari

Doing safari is always a great experience and you cannot expect anything better...

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Birds and Crocodile Watching

Jawai is known to be the winter-paradise for birds, here, you can more than 100...

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Off-Roading Jawai Hills

jawai is also famous for off-roading in Rajasthan that’s one more reason to visit jawai...

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Jawai Dam Visit

Jawai Dam is covered with huge hills and several caves. while Jungle Safari...

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Nearby Attractions

Explore the beautiful tourist spots of this mesmerizing place.


Adishwar Temple

Constructed in the 1500s the Adishwar Temple also called the Chaumukha Temple is very popular...

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Jawai Dam

Jawai Dam built on the Jawai River is a seventy-years old dam that is not just the biggest dam...

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Parshuram Mahadev Temple

The Parshuram Mahadev Temple is dedicated to Lord Parshuram-Lord Vishnu’s sixth incarnation...

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